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About Us

Located in the NCR, Seema Graphics is a packaging manufacturing business. Our areas of expertise are labels and stickers, posters, foam banners, monocartons, flyers, and other packaging materials. We use the highest quality materials accessible worldwide to create this product line. High-grade UV Coated Normal Labels, Metallic Labels with Gloss and Hybrid UV, High Gumming Labels with UV-Thermal Lamination, Holographic Security Labels, Foam Banner, Country Wine Labels, etc. are all produced and supplied by us with decades of experience in the industry.

Our products are made at our cutting-edge manufacturing facility in various sizes, shapes, qualities, and quantities. They are made with the best quality materials and are free of flaws. Our products are available in bespoke designs according to the product's needs and our customer's requirements. Customers praise our products for their creative designs, robustness, and visual appeal.
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20 Years of Excellence

Among India's top packaging and printing businesses, we are ISO 9001 certified and have 20+ years of outstanding performance and expertise in the printing sector. We serve as a one-stop shop for our clients by offering self-adhesive labels and stickers, holographic labels, foam banners, mono cartons, blister cards, country wine labels, and publicity materials.

In these 20 years, we have made Hundreds of Clients; those are situated in almost all the states of India. We have worked in various application areas over the years. We provide services to businesses in Lubricants, Distilleries, Pharma, Confectionery, Industrial Products, Pesticides Manufacturers, Food Companies, Plastic Industries, Electronic Industries, FMCG Industries etc. We offer the customers our items per their specifications and norms of the industry.

In addition to being able to offer innovative solutions and products to the customers occasionally, we have maintained long-lasting relationships with them by being consistently consistent in our quality and services. Our ongoing efforts in cost-effective operations, new product development, product upgrading, technology, and innovation are due to our ongoing efforts.

Machines- We Work On

  • Two label half cutting automatic machine
  • Automatic Plotter: 13-inch width
  • Bobst: 10 colours (Flexo)
  • Chander: Die cutting machine (10x10 inches)
  • Corner round machine with six dies
  • Kamori: 4 colours (20x30 inches)
  • Kamori: 6 colours (28x40 inches)
  • Pollar cutting machine: 47 inches
  • Thermal Lamination: 32 inches
  • U.V Coater: 28x40 inches
  • Victoria: Die cutting machine (20x30 inches)
  • Victoria: Die cutting machine (28x40 inches)

Quality Assurance

We prioritise quality, and a quality control unit supervises our printing services and products. Our quality unit has experienced employees who understand the printing sector. We make sure that every product offered by us is in compliance with the highest international quality standards. We are committed to deliver excellence in label manufacturing to exceed customer expectations in quality, on time delivery and service. We achieve this by striving to continuously improve quality of our labels and stickers. Our aim is:

  • Long-term success through customer satisfaction requires management and staff participation.
  • Working closely with clients to understand print quality, design, delivery time and price needs. It guarantees we meet their work expectations.
  • Only providing high-quality labels.

PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)

Four steps ensure label quality:

  • Plan: We decide what stickers and labels to print and their quality. We have established the manufacturing, shipping and packing processes based on the job type.
  • Do: Print and cut labels.
  • Check: We analyse printing results and processes against standards and objectives.
  • Act: If the outcome and goal disagree, we take corrective action. We change and review the above steps as needed. PDCA helps us monitor label quality and ensure excellent products to our clients, such as Metallic Labels with Gloss and Hybrid UV, Foam Banner, Country Wine Labels, etc. 

Our Mission

We are quality-focused and prioritise client satisfaction. We meet our customers' needs because quality is a part of every procedure, from accepting the project to the final results. We respect our clients' expectations and ideas. We value fairness and reliability in customer, worker, and supplier interactions. We integrate and upgrade emerging technologies to produce high-quality products on schedule, such as UV Coated Normal Labels, Foam Banners, and Country Wine Labels. We strive for quality, continual improvement, and change.

Our Guiding Principles

Trust, Responsibility, Quality, Creativity and Teamwork help us achieve our goals. Our values influence our daily behaviour. It allows us to create value for our suppliers, customers and company. 

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Security Label / Holographic Label
We work only on the authentic Products & authentic Brand Name, those have Trade Mark or Registration from Govt. of India.