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Why Us
Why Us?

1. Different Labels & Stickers

It is our strength to create variation labels and stickers. Under our customers' preferences, we produce various labels and stickers. We are a manufacturer of:

  • Paper Labels with Gumming
  • Paper Labels without Gumming
  • Metallic Labels with Hybrid & Gloss U.V with the extra colour white.
  • Hologram Labels, Tags, Coupons
  • Labels with Golden/Silver/Holographic Foiling
  • Digital Labels
  • Roll Form Labels
  • Strip Gumming Labels
  • Labels with Spot UV.
  • Labels with Embossed UV.
  • Labels with Full U.V.
  • Labels with Matt/Gloss Lamination

Here are a few examples of our varieties. On a customised basis, we can provide different varieties as needed.

2. No Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The smallest number of units that must be ordered is a minimum order quantity. Certain manufacturers may have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement when making an order.

However, the minimum order quantity at our company is one. It indicates NO MOQ. Customers get an order from us based on their specifications.

3. Graphic designers employed in-house

Our company has graphic designers that collaborate with our customers' wants to advance their objectives and achieve their sales targets. Our free guidance, affordable artwork, and business etiquette specifically target our customers' success and reputation.

  • Free counsel from experts
  • Cost-effective Artworks
  • The work is done in confidence and secrecy.
  • The artwork is completed in the allotted time.
  • Professional work is done.

4. Raw Material

We have a sizable network of dependable and long-standing suppliers that never cause us issues and provide us with all materials we need on schedule.

5. A reliable transportation system

Any company that wants to succeed must have adequate transportation. With the aid of transportation, we may get materials from all around INDIA and the world. Since we are located in the NCR, our area has good transit options.

6. Global Quality Indicators

At Seema Graphics, we strongly emphasise the quality of our output. Our management team constantly monitors new methods and product advancements, which helps us compete in the global market.

7. Newest techniques

Workplace innovations are usually beneficial to the sector. We are dedicated to using cutting-edge methods and innovations in our work.

8. The skilled and hardworking staff

Our talented and diligent employees work around the clock to benefit our business, customers, and themselves. By paying our valued workers well and giving them incentives on time, we also take care of them.